FAQ Courier service

Frequently asked questions

Simply send a request to info@expresslogistik-reinwald.de or use our Inquiry form.

You will receive a reply within a few minutes with the direct shipping costs.

For a meaningful offer we need the following information from you:

  • Pick up date and time
  • Delivery date and time (or: asap, as soon as possible)
  • Dimensions of the goods being transported
  • Weight of the goods being transported

A fixed price can also be agreed for recurring direct shipping.

We organise the collection according to your wishes, but it also depends on the type of vehicle you want. This can be "immediately", within the next 60-90 min after placing the order, or late in the evening at, for example, 23:00, after your late shift has manufactured the last products. With our 24h service, we guarantee the highest quality at any time of the day or night.

Delivery is always made directly and without intermediate storage. This means that we always choose the fastest connection between the place of loading and unloading and deliver your goods to the recipient as quickly as possible. This is where we differ from the classic forwarding groupage transport. You must take into account the statutory driving and rest periods for the duration of direct journeys.

Our location in Theilenhofen is used for order acceptance & scheduling. Your goods can be collected from any location throughout Europe within a very short time thanks to our extensive and comprehensive vehicle network. In this respect, our location has no effect on the direct transport to be carried out.

We deliver to all countries that are accessible by vehicle. This includes all EU countries and Switzerland. We also serve third countries bordering the European mainland, such as Great Britain, Serbia and Norway.

Loading is usually done by a forklift truck at the loading location. Loading can be done from the side (tarpaulin bus/truck) and, in the case of sprinters, from the side and from the rear. After loading, our drivers are well trained to secure the goods in the van.

The goods are firmly lashed down with the help of tension belts and the eyelets provided in the vehicle. Edge protectors and foam pads are also used to protect sensitive goods.

With a direct journey, the risk of damage to your goods is kept to a minimum. Especially in the general cargo sector, pallets are handled several times and the probability of damage increases increasingly.

Another reason is the urgency of the products to be delivered. Especially in the automotive industry, JUST-IN-TIME or JUST-IN-SEQUENCE deliveries are required. With a direct drive, the delivery can be guaranteed to the minute.

Your goods are insured in accordance with ADSp with at least 8.33 SDR/ kg. This applies to direct shipments within Germany and other European countries.